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Beer Temple Videos

Chris Quinn, Certified Cicerone and owner of The Beer Temple, hosts a series of informal beer reviews and interviews.

Each episode offers an educational perspective on a wide variety of beers from across the world, with detailed descriptions about the ingredients and processes and beer history for any level beer enthusiast.

This series started in 2011, before the Beer Temple retail store even opened. New videos are posted on a weekly basis.

Video Archive

Insiders Roundtable

Chris Quinn sits down with craft beer insiders each week to discuss the topics that matter most to them.  The goal of the Insiders Roundtable to to open up a window into how the people making, marketing, selling, and facilitating the beer getting into your glass feel about the topics that are a part of their everyday lives.

Listen live HERE, Thursdays from 8-10 PM CST.
Broadcast on 105.5 FM Lumpen Radio.

Past Episodes