Episode #273: Chile Beers: Stone Punishment, Habanero Sculpin, and Birdsong Jalapeno Pale

Chile beers can be completely tame, pretty agressive, and nuclear. Let’s try them all!

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Breweries and Beers

tootiBirdsong Jalapeno Pale
Birdsong Jalapeno Pale
tooti Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin
Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin
tooti Stone Punishment
Stone Punishment

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    • From "ChrisQ" :

      Hey Nick,

      Glassware should be online soon – we just need to figure out the best way to ship it.

      As for spicy stouts, I think the CW Space Ghost is good for a stout that’s more spice forward than most. Of course, stouts like Bomb! etc. are also pretty tasty, but focus more on the spice combo of vanilla/cinnamon/chile than just chile.

  1. From "Matt" :

    Have you had the Ghost Face Killah from Boulder’s Twisted Pine? I certainly enjoy a chile beer every now and again, but that one’s just plain silly…

    • From "ChrisQ" :

      Hey Matt,

      Yeah, I had Ghost Face a few years ago….I was way too spicy. Struck me as more of a novelty beer than anything else. I was half expecting Punishment to be the same thing, but I was happily wrong about that one!

  2. From "Rich" :

    Thanks for the review, Chris. I was wondering how Punishment would develop with some age on it. I was fortunate enough to try both Crime and Punishment (2013 versions) in late 2013 / early 2014. I thought Punishment had more heat than Crime and I was glad that I was able to share the former with someone else. I paired the Crime with some earthy blue cheese and was able to consume the bottle in about two hours. Your feedback on BP Habanero Sculpin was spot-on in my opinion. Fantastic beer.

  3. From "Ken" :

    Guess I got you that Serrano Eye Patch a little too late lol Enjoy!

  4. From "Cory" :

    Thanks for the review – I’ve had a bottle of Crime and a bottle of Punishment sitting in the cellar since they came out, I’m now more inclined to crack them.

  5. From "Russ Perry Jr" :

    I had also been warned that one of the Stone beers was “undrinkable”, and I seem to recall they were referring to Punishment… When I poured mine (admittedly, it had sat for a while) it foamed up, and the FOAM was decidedly hot — but I found it far from undrinkable (and I had started the day earlier finishing of my bottle of Crime too).

    The hottest beer I’ve had was a scorpion pepper beer (maybe by Vintage Brewing Company, but I don’t recall for sure) at Great Taste in 2014. Halfway through my two-ounce pour my stomach started giving some warning signals (I’d had a ghost pepper beer not long before, but it wasn’t overly hot); I can’t imagine what downing a pint of it would have done to me!

    I also think back to the Cave Creek Chili Beer; that was exceedingly hot to me at the time I tried it, literally decades ago now, but I wonder if I’d find it a bit tame now or not. I’m not really interested in trying it again though, as the beer itself wasn’t that great. Oh well.

    The habanero Sculpin I’ve had has been on the hotter side, but I liked it well enough anyway. I’m wondering if they’ll ever do a habanero/grapefruit blend… Of course, one could try their own blends.

    Oh, and you say you like hot foods, but tend to have sweet beers with it… Well, why not try a hot beer with a sweeter food? Would Punishment go nicely with a sweeter BBQ-sauced brisket, or a honey-based wing sauce? Maybe even with dessert?!?

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