Episode #237: The Great Hair of the Dog Debacle

>Debacle – noun – A sudden and ignominious failure; a fiasco. See also, this episode.

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Breweries and Beers

tootiHair of the Dog Adam
Hair of the Dog Adam
tooti Hair of the Dog Cherry Adam from the Wood
Hair of the Dog Cherry Adam from the Wood
tooti Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws
Hair of the Dog Doggie Claws

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  1. From "ChrisQ" :

    Thanks, Jeremy (I think) ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. From "Chuck" :

    Oh my god, the unedited ending, I’m literally in tears. Excellent episode, as always, and probably one of the funniest that I can remember.

  3. From "Jon V" :

    Hi Chris
    You made it through and came out alive, that’s the bottom line. Thanks for re-shooting this one as I was not familiar with these brews.
    Loved the ending though. ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. From "Andy" :

    Fuckin’ A, man.

  5. From "Darwin G" :

    Great review. Really cool to see you do these beers. I’ve yet to have any HotD beers, though I have a Fred from the Wood in the cellar I need to dig into.

    I absolutely agree with the connection between “sweet” and “vanilla.” I find that a lot of beers brewed with vanilla generally have a “sweetness” and melding of flavors, unless the beer is a huge vanilla bomb.

  6. From "Russ Perry Jr" :

    I have to ask… Did you PURPOSELY not turn the camera off at the end, or was that just continuing the debacle theme? But at least it gave us an even FURTHER “behind the curtain” view of the store!

    I’m a little surprised you didn’t taste the regular Adam before the Cherry Adam from the Wood… This episode reminds me that I haven’t had ANY Hair of the Dog beers in a fairly long time. It used to be really easy to find at Binny’s, years ago, but then it seemed to get scarce. Guess they don’t officially distribute here any more, which is a bummer.

    I’ll also note that the HotD “Fred” is named after beer writer Fred Eckhardt. I like his columns in All About Beer magazine a lot, and encourage others to read his stuff, especially now that Michael Jackson is no longer with us.

    • From "ChrisQ" :

      I assure you, Russ, nothing was staged in this video. The camera sat staring at those boxes until the memory card ran out of storage ๐Ÿ™‚

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