Episode #236: Single Hop IPA Blind Tasting

Chris has been on a roll lately with his blind tastings lately. Let’s see how he does with Sam Adam’s Latitude 48 Deconstructed IPA 12pk. Warning – this show goes a bit long.

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tootiSam Adams Deconstructed IPA
Sam Adams Deconstructed IPA

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  1. From "Rick" :

    Chris – great show! Since you didn’t rate (and I wouldn’t have expected you to), which was your personal favorite? I presume from your reaction that the Hallertau was your least favorite. I’m not on the lookout for that 12 pack so I can try the blind tasting myself. Cheers!

  2. From "jjparker084" :

    Maybe the Dark Horse Crooked Tree Variety pack would work a little better? only 4 different beers in it!

  3. From "Chris" :

    I was the most surprised by the East Kent, which I thought could be my least favorite but turned out really nice. Zeus was also a nice surprise. Simcoe was nice too….but overall I’d go with Kent.

    Hmm, good idea about the Crooked Tree!

  4. From "Russ Perry Jr" :

    The Wisconsin boy in me made a face when you said you probably weren’t going to finish the six open bottles in front of you, heh.

    But I have to wonder… Is this the difference between a Cicerone and a Master Cicerone? Would/Should a Master Cicerone have done better?

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