Episode #217: Session IPAs

Session IPAs are all the rage – Which one is best?

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Breweries and Beers

tootiFounders All Day IPA
Founders All Day IPA
tooti Lagunitas Day Time IPA
Lagunitas Day Time IPA
tooti Boulevard Pop-up IPA
Boulevard Pop-up IPA

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  1. From "Kevin LeBlanc" :

    I am still getting used to the higher abv of most IPA’s and I think that is a style I need to try for picnics barbcues etc.

  2. From "Joel T" :

    ALl day is a staple in my fridge at all times as I love the “Grassy” notes and in my opinion, it’s a perfect “Lawnmower” beer. I also enjoy the Day Time but definitely is more mellow in hop character than the All Day. I have not heard of the pop-up. Definitely will pick up a sixer and compare.

  3. From "Chris" :

    Glad you guys liked the show. I certainly see this trend continuing.

  4. From "Pat" :

    Grateful Dead to Phish to Umphree McGee. And they happen to be a Chicago band.

  5. From "Jim" :

    Too bad you couldn’t add Stone’s Go-To IPA to this tasting as well.

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