Episode #220: Baltic Porters

Baltic Porters are a style of beer many people don’t have much experience with, let’s change that.

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tootiSinebrychoff Porter
Sinebrychoff Porter
tooti Carnegie Porter
Carnegie Porter
tooti Smuttynose Baltic Porter
Smuttynose Baltic Porter

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  1. From "Jeremy" :

    Just went to a small beer tasting about a month ago and got to try the Sinebrychoff for the first time. I had never seen or heard of it before, but really liked it. It was the only beer that I ended up buying a bottle of to take home. So cool to see it on your show, hear the history behind it and find out that it is actually a lager.

  2. From "Chris H" :

    Really enjoy the style shows. Always interesting to see and hear how different breweries interpret the styles and how the beers compare. Helps a relative craft beer novice like myself learn more about the style and focus in on what to try next. Particularly interested in this episode because I recently stumbled upon the Sinebrychoff at a local winery that was having its first craft beer tasting. Really enjoyed it and had many of the same tasting notes you mentioned. Starting to realize the subtle differences between a porter and a stout. Really motivated to seek out the Carnegie and Smuttynose now. Thanks for this and all the other great shows.

  3. From "DarwinG" :

    Actually ran into the Sinebrychoff Porter at a random beer bar, didn’t know much about it, and it blew me away.

    Huge fan of the style shows, verticals, blind tastings, etc. I’ll be looking forward to more awesome episodes. Cheers!

  4. From "Robert" :

    YES! More style shows. You do a fantastic job of placing the styles for us, giving us good descriptors and comparisons.

    Thanks for the good work!

  5. From "Russ Perry Jr" :

    I’ve never had them side by side like that, but I recall the Sinebrychoff being my favorite of the three. But this just reminds me of how much I miss the late lamented “Perkuno’s Hammer” from Heavyweight Brewing; I only ever lucked across one six-pack of the stuff, but it was definitely a favorite from the first sip! I may have liked it even more than the Sinebrychoff!

  6. From "Kevin LeBlanc" :

    I really like style shows. The history and then the differences you can get from each brewer. A request of mine would be ESB. Thanks,

  7. From "David Pérez" :

    Hello Chris

    I absolutely love your videos, I think they are the best around.
    That being said, I would like to ask you some things about this chapter:

    Were the differences between the two types of yeasts used noticeable to your palate?
    Was the ale the more complex one as you would expect theoretically speaking?
    So, even if in the US there are breweries brewing baltic porters with ale yeast, a distinctive trait of the style is that it is actually a lager?

    Thanks a bunch Chris, keep up the superb work

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