Episode #215: Pipeworks Beer Event

Part 1 of our video recording from last fall’s Pipeworks event at The Beer Temple

Part 2 of our video recording from last fall’s Pipeworks event at The Beer Temple

Part 3 of our video recording from last fall’s Pipeworks event at The Beer Temple

Part 4 of our video recording from last fall’s Pipeworks event at The Beer Temple

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tootiPipeworks Brewing Co.
Pipeworks Brewing Co.

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  1. From "Jason" :

    I agree. This was awesome. It was great to get another look at of the store for those of us not lucky enough to like in the Chicago land area. I’m not sure if this would be interesting for other viewers but I’d enjoy if it you could do a tour of the store. Show viewers the layout of the store and possibly some of your favorite and/or most interesting beers you have in stock currently. I do see what you get in on a daily basis on Facebook but I’d be interested in hearing about your favorites currently.

  2. From "Johntheregular" :

    I like how the gent wears a Prairie brewery shirt.
    Like a rockstar that doesn’t wear their bandname on their tshirt at a concert, I respect that. They are going places and they got a great attitude about it!

  3. From "Mike Ryder" :

    Agreed, this was AWESOME!!!! Thanks for posting this, it was informative, entertaining, interesting, and just all-around great to watch. Can’t wait to get some of this beer to try from your newly opened online store!!!! When I am in Chicago next I will be elated to stop by your store and drop some money! 🙂

  4. From "Steve h" :

    I really liked this pipeworks series you did

  5. From "Kevin LeBlanc" :

    This was great. Really enjoyed the episodes. Really informative and let us behind the doors at a great brewery. I also wanted to commend you on the online service. I ordered for my Christmas present and everything came in great shape and on time. I will be ordering for my birthday in April and will order some Pipeworks product.

  6. From "dane" :

    Absolutely put more up — this is wonderful. Pipeworks is a wonderful Chicago brewery, and I’d also like to say that I’m very impressed with the Beer Temple. Wonderful store and service, but things like the video blog and customer interaction really make the place special. And informative!

  7. From "JackOC85" :

    Really special set of episodes. very glad you were able to post them. I loved being able to hear directly from Gerritt’s & Beejay’s perspectives on their personal & business histories, and get an insider’s view into their business. Hope you continue hosting these types of events in the store with other brewers/industry members and are able to post them here. Hoping I can make it in for one in the future.

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