Episode #188: Gose

As recently as the 1990’s the salty German wheat beer, Gose was extinct. Incredibly, today Chris will taste more Gose in one sitting than he ever has in his life up until this point. Now THAT is cool.

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tootiLeipziger Gose
Leipziger Gose
tootiFreigeist Geisterzug Gose
Freigeist Geisterzug Gose
tootiOff Color troublesome
Off Color troublesome
tooti Upright Gose
Upright Gose

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  1. From "Scott" :

    Several months ago I had Local Option’s, Schmetterling Gose, which I believe they brewed at Against the Grain.

    I never heard of the style before and I decided to give it a shot and it opened my mind. Light, a bit bready with a yeast and coriander spice to it, and then, right at the end, not up front, but at the end, the salinity came through. Not too much, but just enough to bring it all together and it makes you take another sip because of that salinity. And because the beer was so light, like a Berliner, you could easily drink the whole glass very quickly.

  2. From "rich" :

    I posted the webcast on a German forum and got this reply:


    Bayerisches Bahnhof makes a big variety of Gose and other german sour beers. They export their major production to the USA.
    They go crazy with their creations. I have a bottle of an Imperial Gose they did with ABV of 9,5% and aged in Tequilla Barrels.
    They also did this : http://www.bierzwerg…andflasche.html
    with the excellent dutch craft brewery De Molen.

    This is also one of the pioneers : http://www.ratebeer….uts-gose/25639/ you can find it, from time to time, in specialized stores.
    There are a few specialized stores throughout Germany that have 300+ german micros that are quite difficult to track.

    Sebastian from Freigeist Brauerei did a few Gose variations as well and also of the similar styles of Lichtenheiner and Gräzer.

    If you happen to pass by Goslar you can stop at the Brauhaus Goslar and try their 2 variations.

  3. From "Russ Perry Jr" :

    @rich: your links didn’t work; you might try again?

    I just had a Gose at Titletown Brewing in Green Bay WI this last weekend, and I was remarking to the people I was with about how it used to be so rare, and now there are a fair handful of examples out there.

    I had the Troublesome a couple weeks ago or so, and I didn’t find it salty at all, so maybe they just gave you the wrong numbers, or didn’t follow their own advice?

    As an aside, bummer about the power failures, but then I guess there’s always a bit of that to go around in Chicago in summer…

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