Episode #186: American Saison Rebirth

You may notice that many of the saisons you been drinking from your local brewery don’t exactly taste the same as those from overseas. The American versions tend to be higher in alcohol, fruitier, and sweeter. Recently, breweries such as Hill Farmstead, Prairie Artisan Ales, and Crooked Stave have begun to look to the originators of the styles for their inspiration. Today, Chris tastes two of these neo-American saisons.

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tootiPrairie Ale
Prairie Ale
tooti Crooked Stave Saison
Crooked Stave Saison

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    • From "ChrisQ" :

      Yes, I would out Saison-Brett in that category, but the regular saison from Boulevard (Tank 7) I think is pretty much the flag-bearer for the other style of American Saison.

  1. From "Russ Perry Jr" :

    Ha ha, N’Ice banner-bomb cannot be killed!

    I haven’t had either of these, but I wonder if you’ve tried (m)any of the Stillwater beers, particularly the “Stateside Saison”. I haven’t kept up, and haven’t had any Stillwater beers in a while, but I’ve liked the ones I’ve tried. Next time I’m in Baltimore to visit my brother Dave, I will probably make an effort to get to the related restaurant, Of Love & Regret.

  2. From "Collin" :

    Great show! I loved the crooked stave when I had it a couple months back. If you haven’t had Das Wunderkind from Jester King it is a similar style with old sour saison blended with fresh dry hopped saison and sits around 4% as well. Just had a fresh batch a couple days ago in a visit to Texas and it reminded me of how amazing that beer is!

  3. From "Peter" :

    Absolutely love that Crooked Stave – I could drink that all day long. Can’t say I have ever caught the “tuna water” before but I’ll have to sniff for that the next time I get my hands on some Crooked Stave. If that were available in Chicago and in six packs, it is probably all I would drink in these warmer months.

    Have yet to drink a Prairie Ale that I haven’t enjoyed, I will have to come by the shop this week and pick up that one if it is in stock!

  4. From "Kevin LeBlanc" :

    I tried a 6 pack of the Prairie Artisian Ale and was very happy with it. It was very delicious. Will be trying more of them and more saisons.

  5. From "Rgfellow" :

    Prairie Hop is the star of the show – a terrific mix of hops and funk. Curious as to whether or not you’ve ever had anything like it?

    • From "ChrisQ" :

      Prairie Hop is very very good, I agree. I can’t think of too many beers like it. Perhaps something from Hill Farmstead?

  6. From "Wes Skidgel" :

    Hi Chris, Loved the show. I tried some of Prarie’s “Standard” a couple weeks ago. I loved it. How is the Prarie Ale different? From their descriptions it seems that they both are the brewer’s take on a traditional saison. Not having tried both of them, I’m wondering what distinguishes them from each other. I’ve got a bottle of Prarie Hop that I can’t wait to crack open at a bbq tomorrow.

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