Episode #178: Dayman Coffee IPA from Stone/Two Brothers/Aleman

A homebrew contest-winning beer turned production brew.

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tootiStone/Two Brothers/Aleman Dayman Coffee IPA
Stone/Two Brothers/Aleman Dayman Coffee IPA

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  1. From "Russ Perry Jr" :

    Another beer I haven’t managed to find, but you’re making me really curious about it. I did have the To Ol “Sleep Over”, and I didn’t have the reactions you and Margaret had to it, so it’s quite possible I’d like this one just fine. Hopefully some day we’ll see…

  2. From "Michael Kiser" :

    Had this on tap at Hopleaf the first time it was in town and it made my mind race a bit. It started off with a tropical note and finished like espresso ice cream, very silky and plenty of froth. Found myself really wanting to try it again and again. A great first taste of something like this. Wonder what the style has is store in the future. I also wonder if the bottled version was settled out more and a little lighter in the body as a result? Would create more clear clashing in the flavors wheras the early draft was a bit muddier (in a good way?).

    • From "ChrisQ" :

      Interesting. Many of the people that I talked to that really enjoyed the beer said they had tried it on tap. I do know that the earliest versions available were actually made by Aleman himself (themselves?) so that certainly could have something to do with it. I guess I’ll keep trying coffee IPAs for now, but I’m becoming less and less sure that I’ll ever fall in love with the style.

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