Episode #155: Troegs Brewing

On a recent trip back East, Chris took the opportunity to pick up some beers from Troegs Brewing out of Hershey, PA.

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tooti Perpetual IPA
Perpetual IPA
tooti JavaHead Stout
JavaHead Stout

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  1. From "ChrisQ" :

    Thanks Casey! I think you set the record for fastest-posted comment. I barely had time to get the video up 🙂

  2. From "Russ Perry Jr" :

    Haha, I’m with Casey; 20 points for the Burninator reference…

  3. From "Michael Ford" :

    my Daughter went to Kent State. She has been touting Troegs ever since she got back. i love IPA’s particular with Citra hops. i am very found of SN torpedo extra IPA, it is outstanding and affordable. i am also a big Doppelbock fan. Have to get shopping. i enjoy the show that highlight a particular brewery. i would also enjoy the style shows.

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