Episode #150: Central Waters: Bourbon Barrel, Cherry BBS, Peruvian Morning

Three of Central Water’s most anticipated beers are their Bourbon Barrel aged stouts. Today Chris tastes all three variants: Bourbon Barrel Stout (BBS), Cherry BBS, and their Coffee BBS, Peruvian Morning.

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tootiCentral Waters BBS
Central Waters BBS
tooti Central Waters Cherry BBS
Central Waters Cherry BBS
tooti Central Waters Peruvian Morning
Central Waters Peruvian Morning

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  1. From "Navy_mike" :

    First time i’ve heard about beer recalls, interesting stuff, I guess it’s just because i’m not in the states I miss out on that sort of news. Are recalls somewhat common? I would imagine not, it must be an expensive process as with any recall.

    Glad to hear things are finally coming around for the future beer store. I know I will be there to give feedback on it all in the next couple of episodes. I will of course make it out there one day in the future whenever it opens up (your secret plan from the beginning I imagine haha). All the best with it!

  2. From "JeremyH" :

    Another great episode and fantastic news about the beer store. Can’t wait for it to open so I have an excuse to plan a trip to Chicago. Also glad to hear it will be online as well. I would love to support you and the store, especially since you guys have given me so many hours of enjoyment and education through the podcast. Oh, and I’ll get some great tasting beers also.

  3. From "Russ Perry Jr" :

    Glad to hear the store is getting closer to reality! Looking forward to seeing it, in video and in real life.

    Regarding the sneezes, and “bless you”… I’m a “Gesundheit” guy myself; just my beery heritage showing there, I suppose.

    @Navy_mike: I don’t think recalls are very common at all; however, DUMPING is somewhat more common — most of the time brewers know there is trouble before the beer is shipped. It would be rare that the beer makes it to bottles and to the stores/bars before a problem with it becomes apparent.

  4. From "Wes Skidgel" :

    That’s great about the store. Great, but probably bad for my bank account. Where will it be located?

  5. From "ChrisQ" :

    The store will be located in Chicago at 3185 N. Elston Ave.

  6. From "Wes Skidgel" :

    Uh oh, that’s near Hot Doug’s. That is going to be a deadly combo.

  7. From "ChrisQ" :

    It’s sure is, Wes! Even closer to Kuma’s as Pork Shoppe 🙂

  8. From "Wes Skidgel" :

    I love Kuma’s too, but I was thinking more along the lines of Doug’s lets you bring your own beer. I may be coming to ask for suggestions for various sausage pairings and purchasing said suggestions. And by “may” I mean, “I will be”.

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