Episode #134: Tallgrass Brewing

Tallgrass brewing from Manhattan Kansas is the featured brewery on today’s episode.

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Breweries and Beers

tooti8-Bit Pale
8-Bit Pale
tooti Oasis ESB
Oasis ESB
tooti Buffalo Sweat Stout
Buffalo Sweat Stout

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  1. From "Navy_mike" :

    Oh… and great episode 🙂

  2. From "Allan Hopkins" :

    I haven’t clicked PLAY on this episode yet because I wanted to give my 2 cents before hearing what Chris has to say on these beers.

    First off, the 8-bit Pale Ale is not only a cool can, but it’s also a good pale ale; not great, but good. It is probably the best that Tallgrass has to offer. Like most of their offerings, more malty than bitter. Very drinkable on a hot day.

    The Oasis is also pretty good, but not great. It smells and tastes almost identical to the Tallgrass IPA. It is more malty than bitter in taste, which I did not expect for a 95 IBU beer. Decent.

    The Buffalo Sweat is cloyingly sweet. It’s not bad, but just too damn sweet on the back end.

    You didn’t taste it on the show, but their IPA is damn near identical to the Oasis in smell and taste. Nothing special.

    Overall, Tallgrass is just an average brewery. I won’t ever turn their beers down if offered but, out of all of their offerings, I will only revisit the 8-bit now and again.

  3. From "Chris" :

    So what do you think of my evaluation, Allan? (I also don’t want to ruin anything!!!!)

  4. From "Allan Hopkins" :

    Chris, you said exactly what I was thinking on all fronts–except for the ESB being “bitter”. I didn’t really find it as bitter a I wanted (especially with it sitting at 93 IBUs). I find most of Tallgrass’ beers to be too malty for my liking, as well. I want BITTER! heh They tend to smell and taste too similar, as well.

    You NAILED it on the Buffalo Sweat! I was trying to find the words to describe that aftertaste that it has, and you nailed it! “Watery and saccahrine-y” is SPOT ON! The aftertaste kills it for me!

    They sell their beer in 8-can mix packs here in Omaha with 2 Oasis, 2 Buffalo Sweat, 2 8-bit Pale Ale, and 2 “premium ales” (that are usually their IPA) for $15. Not bad considering they are all pint-size cans. They have a Belgian Tripel called “Velvet Rooster”, but I haven’t tried it; as I don’t really have faith in them to get that style right.

    A GOOD brewery, but not a GREAT brewery.

  5. From "Ed Whittier" :

    I prefer your 60-100 scale ratings. Like Navy Mike, I get a feeling for what you’ll rate a beer by your physical reaction, and by your description. Then I like to guess what number rating you’ll give and see how close I was. (When I get my wife to watch with me, we have a contest to see who can guess closest to yours and Margaret’s) I do like the idea you’ll be tougher rating the beers going forward.

  6. From "Russ Perry Jr" :

    You make reference to a “circus peanut” taste, but… circus peanuts are one of those things that seem to have a wide love/hate divide, so you should maybe have given us some context as to whether you thought it was good or bad that it had that taste. 🙂

  7. From "JeremyH" :

    I’ve been going through past episodes and have noticed the six point average variation in ratings, but I do prefer that to the letter grade, which ends up being only a ten point scale. The 60-100 scale allows for more nuance so I vote for that. And being a little tougher is also a good idea. Now back to those episodes.

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