Episode #100: Milestones

Episode 100 is a milestone for us, so we’ve decided to gather some milestone beers in our lives, and discuss how they’ve effected who we are today. This is a biiig episode, so be warned, but it will be worth the wait, as we review a rare vintage bottle of Three Floyds Dark Lord.

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Breweries and Beers

tootiKillian's Irish Red
Killian's Irish Red
tooti Duchesse de Bourgogne
Duchesse de Bourgogne
tooti Green Flash Hop Head Red
Green Flash Hop Head Red
tooti Three Floyds Darklord (vintage 2008)
Three Floyds Darklord (vintage 2008)

Comments 14 

  1. From "Michael Ford" :

    I have all 100 episodes on my computer and I stream to my TV. Your show, Brewing TV, and Basic Brewing are my escape from the drugery of the work week. As a homebrewer you inspire me to brew new styles and clone beers that I can’t get locally. It would be great if you could find examples of all american beer styles such as Cream ales, Steam beers, and Kentucky Common Beer. Keep up the fine work, I continue to spread the word among the homebrewers I know.

  2. From "ChrisQ" :

    Thanks guys. These first two comments are perfect…a long time poster, and a first timer poster!

  3. From "Jeff Blose" :

    Great episode and congrats on the 100th!
    Lovin the Split Thy Skull shirt – I am sure I was at that one,
    although they kinda blend together over the years…

  4. From "Luke" :

    Thanks for an awesome 100 shows! I am a fairly recent viewer but have watched almost all of them in the past 3 weeks. I really love (not just on this show, but all the shows) how you go into depth about each beer or beer style and kinda just geek out about it for a while. I love learning about the history and stories behind different beers, and you always teach me something new in every episode. It was awesome and fitting that you opened a vintage DL for this show. I was just able to get a ’11 DL and will be opening it shortly for a special occasion with some close friends. Personally, a few of my milestone beers that really stick out in my mind were Double Bastard, Chimay Blue, Rodenbach Grand Cru, Old Rasputin, and Ruination. Cheers and keep up the awesome work!

  5. From "Bill" :

    Congrats on the 100th show! Keep up the good work! Appreciate the depth you go into for each beer/style also. Keeps me coming back!


  6. From "ChrisQ" :

    Hey Jeff! Yeah, you took me to split thy skull! It’s still going on I hope?

  7. From "Jonathan S" :

    Raising a glass and saying “Cheers. Here’s to the next 100.”

  8. From "Scott Ellis" :

    Great episode! Don’t be so afraid of running long, it’s usually a good thing. Love the thoughts on palate shift. I was fishing with some guys this sunday and pick up a 12 of Sierra Nevada Cans at the bait shop cause otherwise Coors Light is all that would have been on the boat. 2 of the guys made the comment that I may as well be drinking a pine tree. I couldn’t believe that it was only a couple years ago I though the same way, and how much my own tastes have changed. Now I consider Sierra Nevada a very mild beer. Anyway, my own milestone beers pretty much all hail from my home state of California since that pretty much whats available to me. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, North Coast Old Rasputin, Stone Sublimely Self Righteous, A few of the Firestone Walker beers including Double Jack, Reserve Porter, & Porabola. Most recently, Lagunitas Imperial Red had a big impact on me as well. Ok i’m rambling, sorry. Can’t wait for episode #101, keep drinking great beer!

  9. From "rich" :

    Your highest rated beer in the series is unobtainable.

  10. From "Mike" :

    Congratulations on 100 episodes!! I have enjoyed every one of them (all from Moscow)!! Enjoy your insight and expertise, but especially enjoy the chemistry between the two of you and your love of beer!! Keep them coming and hang in there on the store, with both of your passion with beer it will be a great success. Keep the shows coming.

  11. From "Russ Perry Jr" :

    Congrats on 100 shows! Also, thanks for the update on the store (a coworker was just asking about that today actually), though I’m really sorry to hear that it’s not going as well as you’d hoped and an actual opening is still up in the air).

  12. From "Carl Saxon" :

    The beer that made me fall in love with beer was Golden Nugget from Toppling Goliath Brewing out of Decorah, IA. Funny enough it was an IPA that got me. It is still one of my favorite beers to go back to.

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