Episode #80: Zombie Dust, Alpha King, Sierra Nevada: The Past, Present and Future of American Pale Ales

No style encapsulates the craft beer movement in American like the American-style pale ale. From it’s beginnings in Chico California to it’s future in the unlikely town of Munster Indiana, Chris discusses the quintessentially American beer that started a revolution.

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Breweries and Beers

tootiSierra Nevada Pale Ale
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
tooti Three Floyds Alpha King
Three Floyds Alpha King
tooti Three Floyds Zombie Dust
Three Floyds Zombie Dust

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  1. From "Mike Babino" :

    Wow Russ, why are you criticizing everything! I came to the website to check if there was a recently new episode, and after my initial excitement of realizing there was one, I clicked to see what the only comment had to say. After reading it I realized I learned absolutely nothing about the actual episode, nor really your actual opinion towards it besides “all three ARE very nice though”. In fact I haven’t even watched the episode, but i’m sure in the end i’ll enjoy it just like the previous 79 episodes. It shouldn’t be about grammer, the set, his sweatshirt, it’s about CHRIS teaching us about beer.

  2. From "Chris" :

    Thanks for coming to my defense, Mike, but I assure you that Russ has only the best intentions, and is a true fan of the show. Russ, to answer your question, the reason I named the episode the way I did was for iTunes, where only the first few words are visible from the storefront. I wanted people to see zombie dust, since it’s such a cultish beer. I was originally just going to call it pale ale past present and future. Maybe I’ll do the for the site.

    And as always, I appreciate the pronunciation, and or grammatical/ spelling corrections. Now go drink a Celebrator!

  3. From "Scott Linham" :

    Great episode once again! Love the creative formats you keep coming up with. Except stop doing beers I don’t have easy access to! 🙂 How about Dale’s Pale Ale? I really consider that my go to pale ale and would, I guess, fall between the past and present. Also, I’m sure most people who watch your show have seen or heard but just wanted to mention the new Sierra Pale Ale cans that are on the market…nice addition to a growing canned craft beer movement. Lastly, I love the indestructible bottle opener (knock on wood!)…you’ve recently “almost” broken it a few times. Keep up the good work, Chris, Margaret, and indestructible opener!

    • From "ChrisQ" :

      Thanks, Scott. Yeah, two of the three beers aren’t exactly easy to find for most people. However, they were really more representatives for the newer styles of Pale Ale on the Market, even though I do feel that Three Floyds has been particularly important in moving the bar. I promise to feature both beers that people are easy to find and more obscure.

  4. From "Jeff VF" :

    Once again, Great Show! However, like others have mentioned, it’s torture to watch you geek out about and enjoy a beer so much that only has a 300 mile distribution radius. Regardless, you’re awesome, keep up the good work!
    Cheers, Jeff

  5. From "Jen K." :

    Love the addition of the pop ups with the pricing info and sizes of the beer. This show brings it back for me – I literally felt the same way as you when I first tried Sierra Nevada and HATED it. Now, I can’t remember the last time I bought something like a Miller Lite, etc. And, on top of that, Pale Ales/IPAs are easily my go-to style of beer. Actually headed to 3 Floyd’s this weekend, so I’m hoping to stock up!

  6. From "rich" :

    After the video I went to 3floyds to see where they brew. I noticed the hop names for Alpha King include Centennial, Cascade, and Warrior, but not Amarillo. Their Gumball Head shows Amarillo. Off to Binneys…..thx.

    • From "ChrisQ" :

      Well, I’ll be. I always thought that Gumball and Alpha both used Amarillo hops. I’ll try to confirm with someone at the brewery the exact hops used (maybe should have done that BEFORE the show!).

  7. From "Logan W" :

    I am in the same boat a lot of people are, and Chico was only a few hours from my house. It took me only another nine years for me to finally develop my taste buds to enjoy Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I was telling a good friend of mine how much I love Lagunitas and other IPA’s and Pale Ales. He then proceeded to ask me about Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and I said hell no it’s gross and its bitter. Told me to try it again on tap and see what I think. Tried it again and now I love Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

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