Episode #66: Goose Island Bramble Rye Bourbon County Brand Stout

Chris and Margaret get a preview of the upcoming Bramble Rye Bourbon County from Goose Island. A big thanks goes out to Goose Island for letting us try their beer.

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tootiGoose Island Bramble Rye Bourbon County
Goose Island Bramble Rye Bourbon County

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  1. From "ChrisQ" :

    Are you talking about the chuckle I did after tasting it? I was very surprised by how strong the berry presence was.

  2. From "Steve" :

    92 seemed to be a high grade for not a lot of loving the beer.

    • From "ChrisQ" :

      Steve, you’re right that 92 certainly isn’t a bad score, and Bramble Rye isn’t a bad beer. I give it a B+/A-, which I think is reflected in the score. The reason I seemed so down on the beer was mainly due to my (perhaps too high) expectations of it. Past bottled versions of BCS have been stellar. With so many BCS versions out there that don’t get chosen for bottling (BCS Manhattan, Ghost Pepper, Cocoa, Strawberry, etc, etc, etc) this is the first time I’ve ever thought Goose should have perhaps chosen a different variant to go with. That said, I do stand by my claim that this beer has the potential to age wonderfully. I guess time will tell!

  3. From "MeDrinkBeerDotCom" :

    Nice review and interesting analysis. Just to clarify, Bramble Rye is aged with the same original BCBS recipe. Rye is not added to grain bill, rather, the beer is aged in rye whiskey barrels instead of bourbon barrels. This is perhaps why the rye character is not as prevalent as you would have thought. I enjoyed the review. Can’t wait to try all of mine.

  4. From "MeDrinkBeerDotCom" :

    Ah, yes. Minor oversight on my part. Thanks for the correction!

  5. From "ChrisQ" :

    Not a problem, MeDrink, I was surprised to see that myself!

  6. […] place on Feb 4th, and today is only Feb 3rd. There is, however, a pretty good video review of it here. (Notice also the Bourbon County Rare they have in the video. I’m know a bar that has that […]

  7. From "Tim" :

    You didn’t mention the most important point: Where and where can I get the beer?

    And on a side note: What difference does it make if the berries come from Michigan or Maine? Local sourcing, like any yuppie, foodie trend, is annoying because it tries to find meaning in the meaningless.

    • From "ChrisQ" :

      Tim, I’d look for Goose Bramble ASAP at any of the better beer stores in your area. If you don’t see it, ask. Lots of times beers this highly sought after don’t make it to the shelves. Sad but true. As far as the berries, yeah, my guess is that they are from MI from convenience as much as anything else. Although I’d almost guarantee that the brewers visited the farm before agreeing to buy the product. With the coffee stout, they spend a lot of time, and went through a lot of test batches before finally coming up with the final recipe.

  8. From "Jen K." :

    Got my bottle a few weeks ago, just drinking it as a Vday treat. Granted I don’t have the seasoned palette you do, but I didn’t actually find the berry flavor overpowering. If anything, I wanted it to come out more. Is a couple of weeks long enough to mellow it out, or do I maybe need to let it warm up a little more?

    • From "ChrisQ" :

      Hard to say, Jen. I don’t have much experience with fruited stouts like that. I know Darkhorse makes a blueberry stout, but I can’t recall how quickly the fruit flavor fades. More importantly, if it didn’t have too much berry for you that’s is all that matters. As for temp., that beer will be at it’s best at around room temp, maybe a bit cooler.

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