Episode #1: Inspiration

Inspiration is the topic of our debut episode! Chris talks about what inspired him to start The Beer Temple, and also discusses what beers brewers find inspirational. In this episode: The Trappist Ale, Orval.

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Breweries and Beers

tootiGoose Island Matilda
Goose Island Matilda
tooti Russian River Tempation
Russian River Tempation
tooti Mikkeller It's Alive
Mikkeller It's Alive
tooti Orval
tooti New Glarus Golden Ale
New Glarus Golden Ale

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    • From "ChrisQ" :

      Wow! I think you are the first person to have done that (as far as I am aware.) I would certainly be interested to hear what changes/developments you have noticed.


  1. From "BlakeA" :

    Ok! Just also finished watching every ep from Iron Maiden to Inspiration in reverse order. As Travis stated, it was a treat seeing the evolutionary process. Meeting Max and his stumbling on the mike, seeing where your ending catchphrase begun, and seeing the sweet and adorable chemistry between you and Margaret. Thank you for a spectacular ride. I love when you geek out and drop a wealth of beer knowledge. I super enjoyed the Real Beer on location episode. So much information in that one and I’d love to see more like that. I look forward to many many more episodes and an itunes review is coming soon! I’m in LA unfortunately or I’d love to meet you guys in person.

    I’m drinking a refreshing Golden Road IPA right now and I hopefully you are too.


    Blake Anthony

  2. From "Cory W" :

    Hit a couple of the reviews Friday, came into the store Saturday morning (I was the guy in the Hill Farmstead t-shirt), and am hitting a few more reviews now. I’m impressed that your podcasts have pretty much always been good — not too many “uh’s”, you don’t lose your train of thought very often, and there is a great mix of knowledge and personality. I enjoyed the store quite a bit — great selection, stuff you can’t just find at Binny’s, and, most of all, a friendly and helpful proprietor (you). I look forward to coming back in the future, and I’ll continue to catch up on old and new podcasts. Thanks for making a meaningful addition to Chicago beer culture…

  3. From "Kevin" :

    Hi Chris, I found your website by searching for “left hand milk stout regular vs nitro”, and I really enjoyed your comparison video of those two beers. Now I’m checking out all your episodes starting from the beginning! They’re really interesting so far. You do a great job of describing and comparing beers and going a little into their history. I live in DC but would love to come check out your store next time I’m in Chicago. Keep up the good work!

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